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Natalie Slater-


"Toni has been training me for 11 months now and she has completely transformed by body and mind. I used to dread the gym and was intimidated by “heavy weights” but now I can proudly say my favorite hours of the weeks are spent in the gym with her. Toni not only teaches you the basics of how to exercise but she focuses on great form to prevent injuries. She is motivating and focused and always takes into consideration what your goals are. I’ve lost almost 10% body fat from when I started working with her and have gained so much confidence. Thank you Toni for truly caring about all of your clients!"

Mari Serrano-

"TWT also known as train with Toni has become my favorite hour of the day. I chose to train with Toni because... I have you seen her?! Lol my goodness, I take pride in taking advice from peeps that practice what they preach. Also, for the love of (handstands) inversions! As a yoga student and sometimes a teacher, PT assistant and MT, I am selective with who I train with. Toni brings knowledge and compassion to her programming placing an emphasis on sport performance. I was seeking a trainer who could help me build on my weakness and she has exceeded every expectation. Body fat is down and muscle mass is going up but more importantly my inversions have more stability and my body is moving with more grace. Ladies, set your goals, honor your body and get in on her sweet programming. 10 times out of 9 I strongly recommend you join her team and find out why I call her one of my 2020 bright spots."

Bimia Hammel-


"I started training with Toni end of June 2019. I was training previously to her for about 2 years, which I had much success, but I couldn’t quite kick those last 10lbs and my stomach and arms have rarely been where I’ve wanted them most my life (age 40). Since training with Toni, I have hit my goal weight, which I haven’t weighed in 9 years and I now wear tank tops rather than long sleeves in the summer. She created a regimen that helped me reach my body goals but most importantly, helped me overcome my self image insecurities and I finally feel strong mentally and physically. I love her and will be forever grateful for her coming into my life when she did."

Emily Warfield-

"I have been active my whole life, but I had not found a gym or trainer I had really clicked with until meeting Toni. She has an abundance of training knowledge to share as well as an incredibly welcoming and energetic personality. Toni emphasises great form with a variety of workouts. Since I have begun training with Toni, I have become overall healthier, happier, stronger and more confident."
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